Mortgage Refinancing – Which Term Length is Best for You?

If you are in the process of refinancing your mortgage loan, your mortgage term length might either cost or save you a lot of money. Term length is the amount of time you have to repay the mortgage including the term length you choose depends on your financial needs for the loan. Here are several tips to help choose the right term length for your financial situation at the time mortgage refinancing.

The most popular mortgage term lengths available are 15 or 30 year loans. at the time choosing a term length you need to consider how long you plan on keeping your home, what you need your mortgage payment to be, including what your financial objectives for the loan are.

Mortgage Refinancing With Longer Term Lengths

Traditional mortgage loans have 30 year term lengths; the is the mortgage your parents had including is excellent for homeowners with a low tolerance for financial risk. Generally speaking, the longer term length you choose, the lower your monthly payment could be. Mortgages with long term lengths may free up dollars in your budget for the short-term; however, you could pay more for the financing over the life pertaining to the mortgage loan. Mortgages with longer term lengths are easier to qualify for, including there are now forty including fifty year term lengths for homeowners that need the lowest mortgage payment possible.

Mortgage Refinancing With a Shorter Term

If you are willing to forego a smaller mortgage payment including need to build equity in your home at a faster rate, choosing a 15 year term length could help you meet your goal. The advantage of a short term mortgage is that you could pay significantly less to your lender in finance charges.

Whatever term length you choose it is important to comparison shop to avoid overpaying for your loan. Watch out for Yield Spread Premium, the unnecessary markup of your mortgage interest rate by your Mortgage Company or Broker could cost you thousands of dollars. You might learn more regarding your mortgage refinancing options, including costly mistakes to avoid with a free six-part video tutorial.